Canada United A New Beginning for a Brighter Future

Canada United

We have a new model for Canada. Based on an old philosophy. A model of government that works for the people, not the people working for their government.

Everything we do, or don’t do will benefit Canadians. Canada and Canadian Values will come first.

The best way to help Canadians, to make them self sufficient, and self sustainable.

Government should be held to the highest standards, and should be held accountable.

Putting more money in Canadians pockets will stimulate the economy, instead of the liberal plan to drain Canadians, tax and spend policies.

My Canada United - Our Charter


  • Cut all foreign add in 1/2 and re-prioritize. Redistribute back to Canadians.
  • Lower Taxes for Everyone
  • Undo the Damage caused by the provincial and federal government and fix Hydro
  • Eliminate the 'Carbon tax'
  • Re-examine trade deals, to make sure they don’t hurt Canadians. Like NAFTA, TTP, TTIP, CETA. So we don’t have the same consequences in the future.


  • More Support for Small Business, Startups, and Skill Development. 
  • Reward companies for hiring Canadian workers.
  • New legislation preventing companies from outsourcing Canadian Jobs
  • Break up the press. Postmedia who essentially decides what news to publish. (Including fake news), essentially all news comes from the same source.
  • Invest in Canada’s independent Journalism


  • Immigration Reform – effects on Health care system, services, law enforcement, education, National security, Stop Quotas and Reexamining our vetting process

Military and Veteran Care

  • Gold star service for Vets - more funding for Military. Which include tax exceptions for service. Free access for to all Medical needs, Tax Breaks, Support and Funding for all Legions across Canada.


  • End the Liberals Tax and Spend policies. Trudeau wants to Tax, the Internet, your benefits packages, the military, and carbon. This has to end.
  • 2.65B given to Europe to help with Global Warning? Carbon Tax will be removed.
  • Find ways to lower Taxes across the board to generate more income for Canadians, before you have no more income to tax.
  • Eliminate the ridicules electronics recycling tax on purchases.
  • Taxing Benefit Plans? - Trudeau says Canadians should expect to shell out $1,000 to $1,700 more in taxes per year. Costs would double in a two income family with similar coverage!


  • Better Funding, Better Services, Better Treatment


  • Attempt to restore relations with Russia. And control Russia via economics
  • Stop selling weapons to country with a history of human rights abuses


  • Increase environmental standards for corporations at their expense
  • Protect our national resources
  • More over-site, and more public debates, reform how bills and laws are being passed, without public consent.
  • Re-exam the voting system, to ensure democracy, 
  • Re-exam Bill-C51, or have it removed completely, and re-exam Canada’s National Security policies. More over-site
  • Privatizing vs Government responsibility of services. How privatization has doubled the costs to Many Canadians.
  • Reduce Government wages by 10% on day 1. After that if the government feels they need to further tax Canadians, The amount equal to what people pay, will be deducted from their salaries.
  • Investigate - Trudeau 'Pay to Play Politics'.
  • Create Bill to stop duel-citizens from taking high ranking political positions in the Canadian Government, due to conflict of interest.